The Greater Pennsylvania Region's mission is to teach people how to consistently implement the Keller Williams models and systems so they can transform their lives and businesses. We are a passionate team of real estate leaders that attract extraordinary talent and wealth building opportunities.

We were founded in 1999 and have over 5,591 agents in over 56 locations throughout PA, NJ and DE. Together we've built the most collaborative environment the Real Estate industry has ever seen. We share strategies and Information and in 2015 we shared over 5.5 Million Dollars in company profit with agents, who've helped the company grow.

We're the only major real estate company that does not do commercial advertising. We teach our agent  how to focus on building the brand that matters most, their own brand and create a business worth owning. 

In our region the agent count had increased by over 1500 agents in the last 2 years. This has created some amazing opportunities for talented people who are looking for new ways to builds wealth. 



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Like minded people create a third mind that is more powerful, and sustainable for results than your mind on it’s own, 1+1 = 11.
I owe great success to Gobundance, in improved Health, Wealth, and adventure!
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