How to Flow

There are many ways to achieve FLOW.  One of the first things I recommend you do is get out there and start experiencing FLOW and becoming aware of the concept through real life experience.  The key is to find out what you’re passionate about and follow your bliss.  For me it’s activities like Snowboarding, Running, Climbing a 14er or playing and laughing with friends and family that most easily create flow in my life.  What you can do is become a scientist in your own life and run some experiments.  Get out your comp book and put on your lab coat and begin to notice how you feel and what is happening physiologically, psychologically and emotionally as you are immersed in something you truly love.  Pay attention to what happens to time and space and journal about these experiences.  What I have found is that the more aware I am of what is happening within me, while I’m in FLOW, the easier it is for me to replicate the experience.

Another way to access and re-create flow is through meditation, there are many guided meditations that can walk you through visualizations that help you get in a meditative state.  As a Certified Spirit Coach ( ) I work with people on creating awareness using many tools, one of which is Meditation.   Personally no other activity has helped me access flow in my life more than daily meditation.  So Naturally I recommend starting there, but the key is to find what works for you.  Here is a guided meditation for you to try

I also recommend you get educated on FLOW, there’s a plethora of resources online, my favorite is,  There are many books written on the subject as well, my favorite is The Rise of Super man by Steven Kotler.  (  Another book that has been very helpful to me is  Keep in mind that you have the ability to be 5 times as productive while in a flow state, you can expand your awareness beyond your 5 senses and access information and resources that you never knew you had.  This is how FLOW applies to Leadership.  Exciting isn’t it?!  Good luck on your Journey, I would love to hear from you about your FLOW experiences and perhaps share them here.  Or if you want to connect and talk about FLOW, please reach out and connect with me, its one of my favorite subjects and I am sure there is much we can learn from each eachother on How to FLOW.  

Thank you for reading – Flow On!




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Mike McCarthy is an avid student of both leadership and personal development.  He is a co-founder and leader of the GoBundance Adventure Mastaerminding Group and is the Regional Owner for the Keller Williams Realty Greater Pennsylvania Region, which covers Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  

One of Mike’s top priorities is spending time and traveling with his wife Lindsay, their son Tyler and daughter Ember.  He believes in living a balanced life and is dedicated to grabbing life big.  

In his spare time, he runs trails, kayaks, climbs mountains and brews his own beer. He loves to snowboard in the winter and during the summer months he’s climbed 20 of the 54 highest peaks in Colorado and has a lifetime goal to bag them all.


The Greater Pennsylvania Region's mission is to teach people how to consistently implement the Keller Williams models and systems so they can transform their lives and businesses. We are a passionate team of real estate leaders that attract extraordinary talent and wealth building opportunities.

We were founded in 1999 and have over 5,591 agents in over 56 locations throughout PA, NJ and DE. Together we've built the most collaborative environment the Real Estate industry has ever seen. We share strategies and Information and in 2015 we shared over 5.5 Million Dollars in company profit with agents, who've helped the company grow.

We're the only major real estate company that does not do commercial advertising. We teach our agent  how to focus on building the brand that matters most, their own brand and create a business worth owning. 

In our region the agent count had increased by over 1500 agents in the last 2 years. This has created some amazing opportunities for talented people who are looking for new ways to builds wealth. 



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